Treatment programs

Unique experience

Our treatment program represents a unique experience for the following reasons:

  • customized for each client

  • Supports clients after treatment

  • Provides support and follow-up after remote treatment

  • Offers support programs for the family

Scientifically proven methods

The treatment is based on a holistic treatment methodology, which takes into account the medical, psychological and social aspects by integrating the following techniques:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy cbt

  • Dialectical behavior therapy dbt

  • Relapse Prevention Based on Mindfulness MBRP

  • Steps 12

  • Motivational consulting

  • Family counseling and self-support groups

  • Scientifically proven methods and methodologies

  • Scientific evidence indicates that integrated programs give the best results.

Rehabilitation goals

Treatment is personalized for each client as it takes into account every aspect of the clients history and individual factors of addiction, the following are some of our main goals in the rehabilitation process



  • Increased motivation to change

  • Identify the personal, psychological, physiological and environmental factors that may lead to relapse

  • Increase self-efficacy by promoting the acquisition of healthy coping strategies

  • Increasing the client’s awareness of thoughts and feelings and their relationship to addictive behaviors

  • Learn new skills through fun activities

  • Strengthening the sense of self-responsibility

  • Family counseling and self-support groups

  • Supporting the family in how to deal and manage addictive behaviors

After care

  • At the end of the treatment program, clients are encouraged to continue participating in self-support groups.
  • Our team will provide an aftercare program after discharge to assess and follow up the client’s progress towards a new life free from addiction.
  • Follow-ups and treatment sessions can be conducted with us via phone or virtual clinics.